Saturday, August 27, 2016


It has been almost a year since I updated this site. I haven't stopped weaving - more that I have been enjoying weaving so much, I don't get around to using the computer as much as I used to. So here are a few of the things I have made recently.

Bill decided he would like a "bespoke" vest, along the lines of something he would have worn back in his "hippie" days. He has hardly taken it off since I finished it.

Below Left: This was a team effort. Helene spun the fibre, Gill (modelling it) borrowed my Saori loom and wove the fabric, and I made the garment for them to take to England next month.
Right: Black, white and grey Saori jacket I made for myself. It looks better in real life than in the photo.


Above Left: Bead leno wrap woven from my handspun and dyed merine/bamboo
Above Right Handspun dyed and woven scarf of wool from Downs breed sheep

Above: I wove two silk scarves from very fine silk, with textured inlays of silk and wool. Oneof them now resides in Florida.
Below Left: Wrap woven on a handpainted weft, and Right, a six metre length I have woven but not yet made up. The weft is a blue green mohair/wool blend, with blue and green mohair inserts

Below left: a Saori vest , and right a close up of the woven fabric, with cotton, silk, wool, novelty yarn and cut up fabric strips

Two hand dyed silk scarves I wove using the bead leno technique. One for my sister and the other for my neighbour for her 60th birthday.

Below: Footwarmers for my two delightful great nieces

Below left: I seemed to have a lot of pinks in my stash, and I am not really a pink person. But as soon as I took it in to show my fellow weavers, two of them asked to buy it! It is currently on holiday in Tasmania with its owner.

My friend Gill is the model for a lot of the garments I have made.

Above: I had a big roll of 1 inch wide blue fabric, so I did a rag weaving, with indigo dyed cotton for the warp and some of the weft, the cotton and some novelty yarns. I gave this to my daughter for her birthday.

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