Friday, June 23, 2017

A few recent creations

Red scarf I made for myself
 Another bead leno cowl
Dyed wool and silk necklace
 My most recent mantle. A bit smaller than earlier ones.

 This scarf is woven in a snakeskin pattern using dyed tencel.

Saori cowl

Basket made from pine needles, trimmed with                   shells.
I recently attended a basketry workshop using Bangalow palm. What fun material to work with. 

 Bead leno weaving technique, in fine silk.
Woollen scarf, woven in mirror bead leno 
 Carol is wearing my latest ruana.
 I had lots of beaut heavy weight fibres in natural colours.
So I made this poncho for Dave for Christmas.
 I love doing bead leno weaving
 Wool wrap with sari silk inlays.

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